calliope bio

Hello and welcome,

My name is Calliope den Ouden

In 2010 I founded my company inktspatten, registered under no. 52452689 chamber of commerce, specialized in website design and illustration.

Since I have always been interested in and had a knack for working with computers, it wasn’t long before I added front-end and back-end website design  to my services.

You can see some examples on this page. Read more about my work with IT and data management here.

Annually I kickstart nanographicmo a challenge to make a full 48 pages b / w graphic novel within 30 days.

I currently live in the Netherlands, Utrecht, the center of the country. When I’m not illustrating, I go out with friends or visit the movies

On Twitter, you know me as @yskaya (s) @inktspatten (en) I’m also on Google Plus, Tumblr, Facebook, My Skype is: csdenouden. En on blab I’m known as inktspatten and yskaya

If you want to send me a short message you can do so via this contact form.
My Terms and Conditions here, in dutch but there is a translation in the works.