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Nail in the coffin

Musea -at their worst- are where art goes to die.

Every year I visit several exhibits. Usually I leave with the feeling of having gawked at a well preserved corpse.

It might be that I go there with the wrong expectations?

Ideally I’d like to leave feeling closer to the artist or gain a greater understanding of the work itself.

It’s so sterile.

Here is the artwork.

There is a plaque with a summation of the life of the person that created it in 365 characters.


When I die, I’d like to commission the author of those plaques, to write my eulogy, to make sure I’m proper dead.

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it’s the end of twitter as you can access it

Well fook-a-doodle-doo, using twitter via third party apps will soon end:

Twitteriffic, tweetbot and others still haven’t received access so they can change their code to give their users push-notifications this means no time-line refresh.

After June 19th, 2018, “streaming services” at Twitter will be removed. This means two things for third-party apps:

  1. Push notifications will no longer arrive
  2. Timelines won’t refresh automatically

If you use an app like TalonTweetbotTweetings, or Twitterrific, there is no way for its developer to fix these issues.
We are incredibly eager to update our apps. However, despite many requests for clarification and guidance, Twitter has not provided a way for us to recreate the lost functionality. We’ve been waiting for more than a year.


Seems it’s back to blogging, newsletters and chatrooms. Good thing I never shut those down. ;)

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show, don’t tell.

For some people saying they’re going to do something is as good as having done said thing.

..and then the project ends up languishing on a bed of good intentions

Don’t announce “I’m gonna draw/write”.

Do it and surprise us with the results.

* Make a to do list.

* Put a date on the phases of your project.

* Commit.

* Work backwards: where do I want to end up and how do I get there?

* Develop a routine.

* Take small steps, it is not flashy but you’ll have something more to show for it than you had yesterday.

* Review your progress at set points; look for issues you can optimize to improve.

The above advice is a distillation of all of the courses on ‘how to get things done’.

If a particular system works for you, go do it. (bullet journaling, keeping a diary, having a 5 year plan) but the above basically all there is to them.