12 Apr

Eiko Kadono’s playful tales about a young witch and her furry companion have entertained generations of Japanese readers, and have now earned her one of the highest honours in children’s literature. Last month the 83-year-old was awarded the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award, sometimes called the Little Nobel Prize for Literature. read on at the […]

10 Apr

  “Suspected to mate for life, Raven pairs serenade each other with these gentle “comfort sounds” while bonding.” Listen to the sound and a 1.3 min story about the warble

9 Apr

“And once you know the world is full of things like that, your life is never the same.” GNU Terry Pratchett.

8 Apr

“While scenes such as a talking whale in a kiddie pool are clearly fantastical, images that inaccurately reflect biological reality can lead to misinformation that lingers long past childhood.” (…) “Because whales are a popular topic in kids’ books, Rice and other researchers have used their portrayal as a measuring stick for scientific accuracy. In […]

6 Apr

Well fook-a-doodle-doo, using twitter via third party apps will soon end: Twitteriffic, tweetbot and others still haven’t received access so they can change their code to give their users push-notifications this means no time-line refresh. After June 19th, 2018, “streaming services” at Twitter will be removed. This means two things for third-party apps: Push […]

22 Mar

There is this neat resource to help you plan for and discover (comics) conventions: conosaurus. In their own words: What is Conosaurus? Conosaurus is a resource that helps independent creators and fans manage their convention schedules. We know there are quite a few convention databases already in existence, but we’re building Conosaurus to be as […]

20 Mar

For some people saying they’re going to do something is as good as having done said thing. ..and then the project ends up languishing on a bed of good intentions Don’t announce “I’m gonna draw/write”. Do it and surprise us with the results. * Make a to do list. * Put a date on the […]

17 Mar

Tegenwoordig lees ik je vakblog op zaterdagochtend in een keer bij. Vandaar hannah barbera stijl voor je verjaardags portret (saturday morning cartoons)