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June 11 2018

The Donald Duck weekly comic magazine, Dedicon foundation and Bibliotheekservice Passend Lezen have published the adventures of the popular cartoon character Donald Duck in an accessible format for people with a visual impairment. To accomplish this, the Donald Duck weekly has been remediated in the form of a large folder with pages on which the main […]

April 25 2018

Well hello, good evening, Are you the kind of person that enjoys a little strange occasionally? Then here’s your chance to receive excellent short fiction – free of charge – by Steve Toase on the regular in your inbox. And! Because rounded numbers are the bees knees, you’ll now also have the chance to win […]

April 21 2018

“We want to bring museums and their expert knowledge directly into the classroom. Unique physical interactions and hands-on experience form the basis for novel curriculum grounded learning activities.” (..) “One of our design goals is to make Museum in a Box work without a screen, even though it’s built on a digital core. We’re interested […]

April 18 2018

Well, this concept looks scrumptious. Think I’d use the eraser more than the pencil to draw.

April 12 2018

Eiko Kadono’s playful tales about a young witch and her furry companion have entertained generations of Japanese readers, and have now earned her one of the highest honours in children’s literature. Last month the 83-year-old was awarded the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award, sometimes called the Little Nobel Prize for Literature. read on at the […]

April 10 2018

  “Suspected to mate for life, Raven pairs serenade each other with these gentle “comfort sounds” while bonding.” Listen to the sound and a 1.3 min story about the warble

April 8 2018

“While scenes such as a talking whale in a kiddie pool are clearly fantastical, images that inaccurately reflect biological reality can lead to misinformation that lingers long past childhood.” (…) “Because whales are a popular topic in kids’ books, Rice and other researchers have used their portrayal as a measuring stick for scientific accuracy. In […]

April 13 2017

Style guides

Useful to see if you yourself haven’t designed any style guides yet and just to see what everyone else is cooking with :) Click me

March 18 2016
favicon voor nederlandstalige blogposts

Soms is er zoveel nieuws met zo weinig concrete info dat je er weinig bij kan schrijven- of te veel informatie, die je eerst moet controleren – dat je er niet aan toekomt het uit te schrijven, en toch is het interessant om te delen. Dan maar korter. Boeken Twee nieuwe e-book all you can […]

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