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December 22 2013

It seems ‘selfie’ is the word of the year in the Netherlands. Of course I misheard ‘shelfie’ a photo of your favourite bookshelf that book lovers occasionally post.

November 30 2013
May 26 2013

English translation below Dankbaarheid tonen kan op vele manieren. Vandaag een herinnering voor mezelf: Als je ergens erg blij mee bent bijvoorbeeld als iemand iets voor je heeft gedaan/doet zeg het dan of doe iets voor hen. Misschien heb je het al eens gezegd in het verleden, maar een compliment/kado is altijd fijn. Concreet: Geef […]

May 23 2013


People who’ve seen the old sites might remember the little monkey and the elephant who made slighly cheeky announcements about server maintenance and a variety of other topics. I thought I could be all ‘srs bsns face’ about my company branding, fact is, I did miss them gallivanting about the place. While they are being […]

March 19 2013

Saturday evening was great fun at Dr. Sketchy Amsterdam’s 9th live drawing session and burlesque performance. The bounty of an evening livedrawing: What is a ‘dr. sketchy anti-Art School event?’ The intention is to (speed)draw live models, to enjoy the show the Burlesque artists put on and have a drink & chat while you draw. […]

May 29 2012

You have arrived at the illustration portfolio site of Inktspatten – as written and drawn by Calliope den Ouden. lilting, lisping and lollygagging. I like archaic words, portmanteaus. I love illustrating ambiguous meanings. Drawing the viewers eye into an illustration by placing tiny elements slightly of kilter to everyday reality. I also have a preference […]

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