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April 18 2015

16 April werd de WordPress meetup utrecht van 16 april gehouden bij pop-up professionals Vanavond bij popup professionals #Wordpress #meetup van @HaicuNL over ACF (de Wp fanaten weten wat ik bedoel) — Pop-up Professionals (@PopUpUtrecht) April 16, 2015 De eerste spreker was Han Hegeman van haicu webdesign met een heldere uitleg over het gebruik […]

March 1 2014

kort geleden twitterde @jeroenmirck: Dubben wat te #bloggen: drie ideeën, tijd voor één. Net als ik denk: f*ck it, ik schrijf gewoon iets… database error! Dan niet. #blogpraat — Jeroen Mirck (@JeroenMirck) February 24, 2014 Altijd vervelend wanneer je website eruit ligt, dat en een wiebelende wi-fi verbinding maakt dat ik liever off-line schrijf in […]

February 4 2014

Yesterday’s #blogpraat chat (nl) (dutch analogue to #blogchat) philosophized and reminisced about 20 years of blogging: the changes, ‘what if’s’ and new developments.  Unfortunately my wi-fi chose to drop out for the evening, so I was regaled to reading the ‘log which @rsnijders provides every monday eve. (Thanks, Ray!) If I’d been able I would’ve […]

February 1 2014

Zie je ook zo op tegen de lente schoonmaak van je blog? Hebben de categorieën zich in de aanloop naar 2014 verdubbeld en wilden de tags niet achter blijven, zijn sommige wellicht net iets anders gespeld of vergat je kapitalen (Tag vs tag) en/of kwam je er na weer een wilde blognacht er achter dat […]

January 10 2014

As is tradition across the globe, I was supposed to do an ‘end of year’ x ‘most used apps list’ blogpost. However, I’m not a huge fan of listicles and since the idevice didn’t magically turn into a pumpkin at 00:00 2014-01-01 and the list keeps on growing. I thought bugger it. I’ll just do […]

January 6 2014
unsplash logo and statement: Free 'do whatever you want' high resolution photos


Free (do whatever you want- CC0) hi-resolution photos. 10 new photos every 10 days. Stay savvy, this post was published on 6th of January 2014. Licenses mentioned may change in the future, so always verify before use. Gratis (doe er mee wat je wilt-CC0) hoge-resolutie foto’s. 10 nieuwe foto’s elke 10 dagen. Blijf alert, deze […]

January 5 2014

>So I gave in and bought the Wacom intuos creative stylus In the Netherlands you can buy them online via either Wacom Europe, multiple 3rd party online stores one of which had a nice discount but middling to poor reviews on customer service, or at the apple affiliate store. I chose the brick and mortar […]

December 12 2013

This review is based on the performance of the pogo connect with procreate app (v1.9-v2) over the course of a year and two pogo connect pens v. 1.0.4 and v.1.1   The looks It is a minimalist space pen, about the size of a sharpie pen. The aluminum casing can be a bit cold to […]

December 8 2013

The hunt for the next pen that will ‘glide like smooth butter over paper while muses are whispering inspiration in your ear’ is always ongoing. No such pen/tool actually exists.But you might find a pen that’ll let you do what you do only easier. So without further ado I present to you the Sunday-stylus-run-around: Paperby53 […]

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