The Donald Duck weekly comic magazine, Dedicon foundation and Bibliotheekservice Passend Lezen have published the adventures of the popular cartoon character Donald Duck in an accessible format for people with a visual impairment.

To accomplish this, the Donald Duck weekly has been remediated in the form of a large folder with pages on which the main characters Donald, Katrien and Dagobert Duck are embossed, the comic is further provided with braille and audio support. A separate binder with extensive explanation of how to read a comic strip accompanies this special edition.

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When the Dedicon foundation approached Donald Duck weekly for a partnership to bring this unique project to life, the idea was received with much enthusiasm. IP owner the Disney company was also enthused about reproducing the world’s most famous duck in tactile (touchable) form. It is the first Disney product that appears for blind and visually impaired people.

Each book costs about €80 to €90,- to print, The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (royal library) provides the funding.

Where can you find this book?

This special edition is only available on loan (free of charge) by request as part of the membership of library service ‘Passend Lezen’ ; 75 ex for the blind and 500 ex for the visually impaired were produced.

Other cool initiatives:

Later this year, Sanoma will publish a Donald Duck edition adapted for Dyslexia; the dialogue will be simplified, the drawings will be less busy and the font will be changed to one that enhances readability.

Sources: parool