The #kommaarop (Bring it on!) blog on tumblr was started by @Dagnespresso & @TessaWiegerinck who challenge each other on a weekly basis to illustrate a topic, which anyone can suggest.
This week’s topic was a question by @evenietshoeve: Challenge: How can you start a beautiful and welcoming business using less money and more time?

In addition to taking suggestions, they also invite people to participate in the challenge.
This week they were joined by Sonja van vuren and me.

You can read the article by strategic copywriter Sonja van Vuren (@Sonjavanvuren) accompanied by our illustrations in response to this question.

And also view our illustrations and those of other people who participate in #kommaarop every week on the tumblr.

This was my illustrated response:

First image: Illustration of a rabbit  being  offered  a smorgasbord of fruits by a birdy. Rabbit looks dubtful confused Second image the birdy offers the rabbit a single apple instead. Rabbit is happier.

Made for the communal #kommaarop challenge

“Often you would like to offer a veritable smörgåsbord of services, options and extra’s.
Even if you had both a lot of money and a lot of time, it would still be a good idea to focus on your strong points and perfecting the services you can be the best in. This way you’ll create joy in your work and your public will know exactly on which services they can find and recommend you.”

It was really fun to do. I hope to participate in another #kommaarop soon.