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June 11 2018

The Donald Duck weekly comic magazine, Dedicon foundation and Bibliotheekservice Passend Lezen have published the adventures of the popular cartoon character Donald Duck in an accessible format for people with a visual impairment. To accomplish this, the Donald Duck weekly has been remediated in the form of a large folder with pages on which the main […]

March 27 2016
toy car in focus infront of a blurry back ground- conveys a kind of nostalgia

A short while back Unsplash started offering collections; photographs curated by an invitee and/or sponsor of unsplash. I quite liked this idea and I thought I should start such a curation on my blog with my favorites on a(ny) given topic. (I’m taking suggestions as to keywords and concepts, leave them in the comments.) This […]

March 24 2016

If you want your 3D printed model to have some colour you can easily paint over it with acrylic(s) based paint. Ultimaker-forum member Valcrow wrote a great blogpost on doing just that with an airbrush you can see more of his work on While ideally you would have access to an airbrush and a […]

March 22 2016

Rumors confirmed. A smaller Ipad pro 9.7″ to be exact that operates with the pencil in 32 128 and 256 gb Promo clip: (Price to be announced) My fondest wish – being able to carry a digital studio slightly smaller than a4 with me is a few steps closer.  

March 15 2016

  There’s no better part of a beginning than that of a fledgling industry populated by passionate individuals all enjoying themselves and getting along, working for the common good—for about a New York minute. That’s how long it takes for someone to decide they don’t want to play well with others or for others to […]

March 15 2016

  I have a secret to tell you. If you’re ever been particularly moved by a line of dialog in a manga I translated; if something pithy spoke to you in some way, or had some meaning to you; if you thought something was cool or inspiring, or even if you laughed at a joke—that […]

March 23 2014

If you suck at drawing backgrounds to your comics and illustration there are two approaches to it: practice, practice, practice. And If you just ‘don’t wanna’ don’t half-ass the job, don’t do it. “But I can’t have all my characters live in deserts and frolicking in the vast darkness of space” (The white dots representing […]

February 4 2014

Yesterday’s #blogpraat chat (nl) (dutch analogue to #blogchat) philosophized and reminisced about 20 years of blogging: the changes, ‘what if’s’ and new developments.  Unfortunately my wi-fi chose to drop out for the evening, so I was regaled to reading the ‘log which @rsnijders provides every monday eve. (Thanks, Ray!) If I’d been able I would’ve […]

January 28 2014

Also known as ‘what did she read last week that was interesting but didn’t fit in a tweet.’ On gender, character writing, world building, sexuality: sff in conversation kameron hurley on a complexity of desires expectations of sex /sexuality in science fiction Ach, sky net approaches: on tech, ease-of-use, data collection, opt in vs. opt […]

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