Have you ever said to yourself: “This week I’m going to do something about the design of my blog.”

And then made a to do list with:

  • A logo and favicon.
  • A nice header, preferably a different one for each page.
  • A nicer theme using more images
  • Link up twitter & facebook so that my blogs are automagically posted to my timelines
  • Auto-import instagram photos and show them on my blog
  • Moderate the comments
  • Strengthening my WordPress security.
  • Moving my old blog to WordPress because it’s easier to manage and I’ll be more in control of my content than on blogger / live journal / tumblr

After which you put the to-do list on your fridge, going “oh yeah, should get to it sometime” when you walked past.

And then something else took up your attention, so you told yourself “next week, I’ll have more time to do it.”

Or perhaps you got started with your tasks and then ran into a snag halfway through, which elicited “Nope. I’ll make do with the haphazard collection of code.”

Hire me. I’ll get the boring/don’t have time for it/ it’s too difficult part for you done. So you only have to focus on the fun part of having your own blog and running your store.

You can contact me via the contact form, tweet me or send me an whatsapp. It’s sensible to (have and) read the terms of service beforehand, so here’s where you can read mine.

Some examples of websites which I built

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